Thursday, November 16, 2006

Talking Globally and Acting Personally – In keeping with the world-wide sweep of their wished-for schemes, the Left is more than willing to talking a good game when it comes to its consideration of the needs of the “global community.” Besides their near incessant yammering about global warming, progressives go on and on about their concern for working conditions in third world sweatshops, genetically modified grains, unexploded landmines, regional trade agreements, among other things. Many if not most of these issues are worthy of serious attention on their own merits. But when the Left seizes upon these concerns, the result is usually more about “raising awareness” than solving the problem.

From their perspective, the suffering of the entire African continent (primarily due to incompetent, genocidal or kleptocratic African leadership) is no reason not to enjoy a good Live Eight concert. It’s so much more gratifying for Sir Bob Geldof and company to party and protest than to do the hard work of confronting the unfair protectionist policies of most European nations that keep many African countries from developing their economies, let alone challenge the current leadership of more than a few African nations. It isn’t even that the Left is afraid of hard work, in fact they are more than willing to exert themselves for a good cause (read good time), but they do seem to be fearful of the work of letting go of their fiercely held assumptions, even if it might lead to a solution of a problem that so exercises them.

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