Monday, January 22, 2007

Substantive Symbolism - With my hometown Chicago Bears routing the New Orleans Saints, along with the Colt's squeaker victory over Tom Brady and the Pats, this year's S_per Bowl will be doubly historic. After 40 "big games" without an African American coaching either team, two black head coaches (Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy) will face off in Miami. This is significant in that a black coach is guaranteed to win the game on his first outing. (GO BEARS!!) This also proves the fact that, even as a somewhat jaded black conservative, I too can be a sucker for symbolism.

What a great way to start Black History Month!!

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Jim O'Hara said...

Congratulations on your Bears! As Tony Dungy said after the AFC game, why don't we just play this thing in Fort Wayne. It is nice to see good guys like Smith and Dungy get to the big game.