Monday, August 13, 2007

At the end of the day - It is official. The new day is beginning to dawn on the long twilight of benighted liberals, as Karl Rove has announced his resignation effective later this month. That Rove lasted as long as he did speaks to the tenacity that made him a formidable adversary for the Left. Ever the gentleman, he has been gracious in his commentary as he prepares to darken the doors of the White House for the last time.

To be sure, Karl Rove was - as his boss (and I suspect friend) called him - the architect. His ability to craft presidential victories against well-funded rivals was nothing short of impressive. The 2004 victory was particularly noteworthy, as was delivered against a near universally single-minded opposition. Rove's ability to deliver overwhelming electoral majorities speaks to his innate understanding of America and her people.

But in progressive circles, Rove will be remembered for little more than being the author of scandal. This does not surprise; the Left is beholden to its emotions - its psychological birthmark is an acute awareness of how others make them feel about themselves. Doubtless, Rove always seemed to make liberals feel small, stupid and impotent. That he is able to leave office on his own steam (and not "frog-marched" as former Ambassador Joseph Wilson would have had it) only heightens their animus against him.

And there will be more than a few Republicans who will place the blame for the 2006 debacle squarely on Rove's shoulders. Even now, the 2008 prospective GOP candidates are distancing themselves from both Rove and Bush. The actions of these fair-weather friends are little to be considered compared to the "thumping" that he has and will continue to receive from political hacks and biased pundits alike. My sense is that Karl Rove will look at all of this as the ultimate validation of his abundant skills.

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