Friday, August 10, 2007

Maricon = Macaca - The Spanish speaking readers of this site will know that the word maricon is a derogatory colloquialism for "faggot" en espanol. The revelation of Bill Richardson's previous use of the word while a guest on Imus in the Morning may turn out to be this year's "macaca" and might well be the straw that breaks the back of his stalled presidential campaign. During a Democratic Presidential forum sponsored by The Visible Vote '08, Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart asked Gov. Richardson about Richardson's previous use of the "m-word." As I watched Richardson's response, it was evident that the wind was going out of his sails (and such was the shared opinion of many who watched.)

What sticks out for me is that once more and again, Don Imus' show was represented as some sort of safe haven where the rules of political correctness - rules that people like Bill Richardson established, mind you - do not apply. One wonders why it is liberals who have been repeatedly caught in Imus' honey trap (as discussed elsewhere). Whatever happens with Bill Richardson's campaign going forward, this represents one more example of liberals establishing standards for others while holding themselves above such norms.

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