Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

As a forty-something reluctantly entering middle-age (or more accurately, entering kicking and screaming), I am acutely aware that time goes by faster as I get older. I can say for sure that the past 365 days since this blog began have been something of a blur. Not that we haven't had our eyes on what has transpired in the worlds of politics, race relations, religion, education and the culture. To the contrary, I think my sense of intellectual vertigo is akin to the feeling one has when drinking water through a fire hose; staying on top of just a portion of what has been happening in so many arenas would be enough to make anyone's head spin.

Because of the daunting challenges associated with composing and publishing a weblog of "thoughtful conservative commentary," I was not altogether sure things would get to this point, with over 200 published posts under our belt. But thanks to your patronage over the intervening months, we can say, "Mission Accomplished!" By way of expressing appreciation for your support, here are links to the Top 10 most viewed posts since the establishment of this blog (just in case you didn't get to see these "blasts from the past.") In ascending order of popularity are:

10) Why Jena Matters

9) Credible Sources

8) Too Good To Be News

7) At Least They're Being Honest About It

6) 10 More for Consensus

5) In Jesse We Trust

4) To Rehabilitate The Culture

3) Too Good No More

2) Four More Years

and the numero uno most viewed post....

1) 10 Questions for Consensus

It is with great humility and sincerity that I thank all of you who have read these and other posts so faithfully. Without your readership, it would hardly be worth the effort, so I hesitate in asking one more favor. Even as I've given you my "Top 10," I hope that I can impose on each of you do likewise. If you are so inclined, please feel free to forward this post on to 10 of your friends, irrespective of their political persuasion. I trust that they will appreciate the insights provided here as much as you have.

Thanks again for all of your support!!

As always, I am,


Matters of Manner and Type

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I am making a habit of checking in with you daily. You always provide pearls of wisdom and exceptional prose. Keep writing and I will keep reading.