Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sound familiar?

Where have we heard sentiments like this before?

"It's obvious that Obama is real attractive with a lot of the younger generation and even some of the older ones. We are guilty to some degree in assuming that because the leadership leans one way, the rank-and-file are going to follow. But the old patron system, where the boss would tell everybody how to vote, that's gone."
Faithful readers of this space are doubtless aware that similar assumptions were made by black politicians who believed that they held sway over the thinking of their constituents. As discussed elsewhere, many senior (read older) African American political leaders concluded that their support of Sen. Hillary Clinton would influence the (mostly younger) voters in their districts.

But it is worth noting that this quote comes not from a black politician, but from Juan Maldonado, chairman of the Hildalgo County (Texas) Democratic Party. As noted by the Chicago Tribune, Sen. Clinton's campaign is floundering based in no small part upon Barack Obama's ability to connect with younger voters. Worse yet for Hillary, the Tribune points out that "40 percent of the state's 8.5 million Hispanic residents are ages 18 to 40 - a cohort that Obama has been consistently winning."

The Wall Street Journal also made like observations about Obama's ability to connect with younger Hispanic voters.

An Obama ad airing in Latino radio markets across the state speaks explicitly to young Hispanics. "Obama is talking to me," a young voter says. "About the opportunity to go to college and about ensuring my parents and grandparents have the health care they need."
At the risk of sounding gratuitously mean, the only reason why we are not hearing the fat lady sing is because she is still telling voters that "we can't just have speeches, we've got to have solutions."

Clintonism R.I.P.

Four More Years!

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