Monday, July 7, 2008

"...but when Democrats do it, it's called moving to the center."

The list of Sen. Barack Obama's clarifications, flip-flops and outright prevarications is getting longer and longer. And as the campaign grinds on, the sources are becoming more varied. Beyond predictable (and by my lights, justified) critics as the RNC, NewsBusters The Weekly Standard and the Hip Hop Republican blog, Obama now faces scrutiny from reliably liberal outlets such as the Associated Press and the Washington Post.

As another service provided gratis by yours truly, I commend your attention to some of Obama's latest "repositioning statements" on the following issues:

- on "mental distress" as a justification for late-term abortion

- on Iraq (and for that matter, Iran)

- on individual gun rights

- on Jerusalem being the site of the U.S. Embassy in Israel
To be sure, this is a short list that will only grow in the weeks ahead. And while it goes without saying that Sen. John McCain has made his own contributions to the Museum of Advanced Flip-floppery, all the difference between the two rests in how each candidate's elucidations are regarded, particularly in the press. As Rick Moran noted some time ago at the American Thinker blog, "if John McCain wins in November, he will have overcome the most incredible, one sided, blatantly biased reporting in the modern history of American journalism."

Once again, H/T to larryvillesnoop.

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