Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nuts to You

Having been burned by both black and white preachers, Sen. Barack Obama must be searching his now-swollen Rolodex for the name of a Buddhist monk or a Native American shaman to associate with. While at what became an "open mic night" during a taping of "Fox and Friends", Rev. Jesse Jackson expressed his desire to turn Obama into a eunuch (as seen on yesterday's Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor".)

Jackson's ire was raised by comments Obama made in regard to faith-based charities receiving government funds, and by extension (at least according to CNN), Obama's recent speeches to parishioners at black churches on the need for African American fathers to assume more responsibility for their children. As Jackson explained to CNN's "Situation Room", "
I was in a conversation with a fellow guest on Sunday. He asked about Barack's speeches lately at the black churches. I said he comes down as speaking down to black people."

And here is where we see the mental gymnastics that have sustained Jesse Jackson's career lo these many years. By suggesting that black men see themselves as fully-formed human beings having moral capacities and responsibilities - as opposed to Jackson's formulation which posits that everything that ails African Americans is entirely a result of material deficits - it is Obama who is condescending to blacks.

The irony is furthered by Jackson - ostensibly a man of the cloth - displaying the barrenness of his own moral landscape by suggesting castration as the preferred means of resolving his disagreement with Obama. We see again that the prophetic wind blows in only one direction, that is away from accountability for the behavior of the so-called prophets.

The idea that African Americans should not be held responsible as moral actors is surely not novel. It is as least as old as the countercultural Left itself. And all that besets the black community presently are as branches of the tree of moral infantilism. By continuing to propose that African Americans are plagued by problems of a material nature that can be solved by a government-enforced redistribution of resources, Jackson is as savage an oppressor as the black community has ever endured.

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